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Indian Event Hub is an informative and shopping hub for Indian Events, and a division of Artificers USA, a Maryland,  United States (in DC metro area) company. Started with a vision to become one stop shop for all Indian Events and a mission to bring authenticity & culture to the  events 

Indian Event Hub  was founded in 2020 by Pearl Joby, with her family, who is a Bharatanatyam Student, Choreographer and a student in Clarksburg Highschool, Maryland 

Today, is the top rated online Arangetram Designing and Print shop in USA and continuously expanding & serving the Indian Classical Dance community with different capacity 

Our Team

Pearl Joby , Founder, Lead Products & Digital Presents 

Pearl is passionate in Indian classical dance, a choreographer and  highschooler at Clarksburg high school Maryland, who is the influencer and founder of Indian event hub with her family. 

When everyone was talking about layoff, shutting down events and related business Pearl influenced her family with an idea of an online shop which helps 1000’s of people doing classical dances and dream of their graduation after 15+ years of training.

Pearl is now leading new product development, digital and social media marketing of the shop with her studies and extracurricular activities

Mrs Joby, President, Lead Operations

Deepa Joby is a women entrepreneur who is  passionate in family and small business and is now head of Operations and Finance of Indian Event hub. Under the leadership of Deepa Indian Event hub is serving the community with a Customer, Quality  first approach

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