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Arangetram Album, Photo Book Designing & Printing

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Lets do a memorable album for your Arangetram
Indian Event Hub the top rated Arangetram Designing team in USA, giving you the authentic ultimate coffee-table addition with a perfect for capturing life’s big moments from your stage or photoshoot. Albums/Photobooks are Made to honor your meaningful occasions and milestones, the Signature Lay flat is our most premium and personalized luxury photo album.
12 x 12 Premium Layflat Photo Albums/ Photo Books
The seamless, Layflat binding allows you to spread photos across both pages with our authentic designs and photo collage
  • Laminated Cover, Fuji color Crystal Archive Album HD Paper, Starts at 30 pages & Maximum 90 pages
  • Professionally bound hard cover, Extra thick, matte finish pages Starts at 20 pages & Maximum 60 pages
Based on the number of pages and designs, Please chat with us or email/call us +1-571-327-0449,
want to see some Arangetram Guest Book templates

Why US? 🙂 Many reasons, we know what we do when in comes to Arangetram, Poses etc.. also We design the pages with your photo and run with you before we process the print, Our designs are unique for your program/photo and is for you not like adding photos to a template. We make you happy

Why you need an album or photo book for arangetram? You paid a lot for photography and is for keeping in someone s cloud storage?, if there is an album in your Tea table you and near once visiting will definitely turn the pages

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