Arangetram decorations in USA

Arangetram decorations

Altar Decorations

Typically to the stage would be an altar with an idol of Nataraja – dancing version of Lord Shiva kept on a table. Organize a fresh flower garland to adorn the idol.
Some of them cascading down from the Nataraja table would be a smaller table holding the following:
  • A small idol of the family deity; or of Ganesh and Saraswati
  • A vase of fresh flowers
  • A bowl of fruit (apples, oranges, bananas)
  • A copper bowl + mango leaves + a full coconut
  • if allowed by theater
  • deeyas. (Most theaters do not permit real deeyas due to fire hazard risks so plan a battery deeya)
  • Agarbatti stand with agarbattis

Stage Decorations for Arangetram

Stage decor is one of the items many arangetrams have, an authentic stage which will not disturb the performance would be preferred so decoration with lights are not a good choice, Authentic easy decorations backdrops are one of the best which will give an amazing visual effect to the audience. Hanging pillars, Hanging Diyas, flower garlands, any authentic decorations are recommended

Entrance / Reception Decorations for Arangetram

Entrance or reception area mostly have different decorating options. A welcome banner or an easel poster would be an option followed by a standing banner or other easel posters of the dancer 3 tables decorated with authentic costumes or some is another option of decoration of receptions which will demonstrate
  • Arangetram jewelry, Chillanka, Dresses, etc.. with some easel photos of dancers
  • Guest Book Table with guest signing book and easel photos
  • A welcome table with brochure and information team, also with mask and sanitization booth
  • The background of the tables can hang posters, banners or some decorative backdrops
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