Bharatanatyam arangetram program brochure content

Bharatanatyam arangetram program brochure content

Bharatanatyam Arangetram Program Brochure Content 


Pushpanjali is an invocatory item of a dance recital. The dancer will offer flowers and salutations to God, Guru, and the audience before beginning the program.

Ragam: Hamsadhwani Talam: Adi


Jathiswaram showcases pure dance steps, or jathis, set to the musical notes, or swaras. The dancer displays her versatility by combining complex footwork, graceful movements, and sculpturous poses.

Ragam: Mohanakalyani Talam: Adi


Varnam is the central piece of a dance recital. The item typically alternates between elaborate jathis and expressive lyrics. Varnam offers excellent scope for the dancer to explore every facet of the art form.

Ragam: Khamas Talam: Adi

Padam: Yaar Aadinaar

Padam focuses on the dancer’s abhinaya, or expression. Yaar Aadinaar is an item on Lord Shiva, who is also the Lord of Dance. In this item, the dancer asks “who can dance like the Lord of the golden hall of Chidambaram?” as he is the only one who can captivate all beings through his dance.

Ragam: Charukesi Talam: Adi

Padam: Muralidhara

Lord Krishna has several names – Gopala, Govinda, Murali, etc. He enchants everyone with his melodious flute music. This song will portray both his mischievous acts and divine acts that embody the ironic beauty of Lord Krishna.

Ragam: Mandu Talam: Adi

Padam: Himagiri Thanaye

Praises of Goddess Parvati, the daughter of the mountain king, Himavaan. The devotee seeks her protection.

Ragam: Suddha Dhanyasi Talam: Adi


Thillana is one of the liveliest items in a Bharatanatyam repertoire. The dancer executes complicated rhythmic patterns set to a beautiful melody.

Ragam: Kedaram Talam: Adi


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