Auditorium or Venue for events OLPH Gaithersburg, MD

Auditorium or Venue for events OLPH Gaithersburg, MD


Wedding Venue:
Catholic Church for wedding and venues for your events, Big single open halls with portable stage allows you to create your on venue styles even with ramps, executive round tables for seating. Long white wall for up lighting will make your venue colorfulThe venue offer flexible options–accommodating small weddings, or weddings as large as 300-400 people.
and  invite you to take a tour of our venue to see everything we have to offer.

OLPH Hall Wedding Venue
OLPH  Venue , with Portable Stage, Round Tables
Corporate Events:

Company Picnic & Corporate Events MD, DC & VA . OLPH fecilities are one of the best for your corporate events, with small meeting and program stage, Food serving, activitiy spaces, space for picnic games, DJ & more in 1 space. Portable stages allow you to create diffrent size and shape stages , Ramps etc.. based on your need


This venue can be used one of the sporty event venue for any events like wedding, anniversaries, graduation party venue and more…


Our Lady of Perpetual Help                            
20533 Zion Rd.,
Gaithersburg, MD 20892

Contact : Jenson Jose ((703) 400-1644) , Thomas Abraham ( (240) 498-9120)

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