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Easel Posters & Prints

Easel Posters & Prints

Arangetram Easel Posters/ Photo Enlargements are the most using display products for arangetram/reangapravesham in USA. These perfect lightweight foam core (4mm Thick) / pvc (3mm Thick) board to create customized displays, signature boards, posters and more! Ideal for photo display or a creative signage for arangetram. Made with a high quality polystyrene surfaces, To further personalize your design, custom sizing is available if you looking for diffrent size posters. These are used for Indian Classical Dance Form Graduation like Arangetram or Rangapravesham of Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissie, Vocal, Mridangam Arangetram, Veena Arangetram, and all Instrumental Arangetram photo enlargements which can used as a wall decor after the arangetram event

Easel Posters diffrent materials

The Easel Posters on Forms Board

These rigid, white edge foam board posters have a 4 mm thickness. Ideal for event signage and presentation graphics on an easel or wall. White foam core looks great hanging on light-colored walls.

The Easel Posters on PVC Board

Printed on 3mm PVC sheets, text and images are vibrant and eye-catching PVC is lightweight, sturdi and more durable. Ideal for event signage and presentation graphics on an easel or wall also you can use for framing after the program

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