Arangetram Photo Enlargements, Posters & Standup Banner

Photo Enlargements

Easel Posters/ Photo Enlargements/ Standup Banner

Arangetram Easel Posters/ Photo Enlargements/ Standup Banners are the most using display products for arangetram in USA. These display photo enlargements are used for Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissie, Vocal, Instrumental Arangetram photo enlargements which can used as a wall décor post arangetram

Easel Posters on Forms Board / PVC (Rigid Material)

The Easel Posters on Forms Board / PVC are Rigid Material and stand its on in the easel stands. we can enlarge your plain photos or can design with imposed designs
Costs & Size
Cost will be vary based on the size and number of copies but between $30 - $70 per copy (+ design cost if you need any custom backgrounds for your pictures), Please contact us with size for the prices , Size options are Size : 20/30 | 24/36 | 18/28 | or we can do custom sizes based on your requirement . Production time for single copies will be 5 business days but if you order more than 2 copies we deliver in 3 business days

Standup Banners with stand

We have different standup banner options available
1. Detached standups banner with stand Detached standup banners are 33.4/85 Inches rollup stand with exceptional print quality, the stand and pole is detached will help you use the print as wall hanger after the event, but that stand will always help you to stand in events Cost :$195 (+ Design $49 if you need a custom background design) Example video (light not included):
2. Retractable Banner stand with photo retractable stands Hight can be adjusted SIZE : Width 33.4 and Hight 65-80 Inches Price : $245 (+ Design $49 if you need a custom background design)

Vinyl Banners / Flex Banners

Our custom vinyl banners are hard to miss no matter where you hang them. you can print this as custom sizes horizontally or vertically, for Arangetram these banners are used to welcome guests at the entrance , backdrop for a lobby table , back group for presentation table or guest signing area with dancers photo etc.

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