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Arangetram Checklist, Plan your Arangetram

Arangetram / Rangapravesham / Much Pravesh is the first performance follows years of training. Many Indian classical dance forms, Music perform once the time has come for a disciple. Arangetram is very important in recent years since the arangetram is also a Life event and sharing a space in the series of events in life.


How to plan Arangetram In USA | Check List
Planned Date
1 year + Before
Plan to do Arangetram, You can discuss with guru/teacher and make sure you are now ready for arangetram
1 year + Before
Budget the arangetram, Arangetram need a budget like all other event, based on the affordable budget the remaining items selection to be planned

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    8 Months Before
    Should have signed the contract with the orchestra and the auditorium.
    Should have a better idea about the chief guests. Ideally you should have one confirmed chief guest by now
    Consult a physical therapist, explain/show aramandi/muzhumandi and get suggestions for knee and back strengthening workouts. You don’t want see your child suffering from any knee or leg pain due to long practices nearing to the arangetram day. Find time to do the strengthening work outs regularly
    You may consider Yoga for increasing stamina and better breathing if your child have breathing or Asthma issues.
    6 months before Arangetram
    Auditorium You should have a firm date.
    The theaters / auditorium and the dining area (if applicable) should be reserved.
    Sound & Lighting Check on who will operate the sound and light equipment, and whether you will need to hire a professional to do so. Some auditorium/hall  have their own people, and require that you hire them.
    Invitations Decide what mode of invitations are you planning
    Website & Invitation : Are you planning to create a website ? Then check the website have invitation options with RSVP
    Ref: is a platform provides complete websites for arangetram
    Evite/Green Envelop : Design invitation your own , Or Hire evite design company
    Evite & Printed invitation : Select the model you want discuss & plan the invitation designing and printing companies
    Ref :
    Video Invitations : if you are planning to video invitations please check with some of the video editing companies or your video grapher for the same
    Ref :
    Photo & Videography Confirm photographer and videographer
    Set a date for photoshoot
    Costume & Jewelry Plan on costumes. You can buy sarees for the dress. But stitch it only 5 months before the program and get it before the photo shoot. Most young dancers grow and you don’t want to make the arangetram costume a year ago.
    Décor Order items for stage and front entrance decoration, if you are planning to do decorations.
    Ref : Indian Event Hub ( ) for DIY arangetram decor
    Gifts If you plan to give gifts, this is a good time to order them. There are many gifts needs to plan they are Return Gifts, Gift to Chief Guests or accompanying artists
    3 months before Arangetram
    Costume & Jewelry The costumes, jewelry, hair accessories, bells, etc should be all arranged for, and you should know when they are coming in (if you don’t already have them).
    Guest Make a detailed guest list.
    Catering / Food Decide on the food you will get catered / cook yourself / order by mail / purchase from a store.
    Catering / Food If you plan to have it catered, it is time to talk to the catering service and get everything priced. They may need an estimate on the final number.
    Catering / Food Find out when your caterer needs the final menu, and the final headcount. They often need the final headcount 7 to 10 days in advance. You will need this information to set the RSVP date on invitations.
    Catering / Food If you plan to buy some of the food, start thinking about what you will buy and from where.
    Catering / Food If you plan to cook some or all of the food, it is time to contact friends or relatives who will be willing to help cook. You may want to put the whole menu together one day at home and have your family try out the dinner so there aren’t clashing items or several dishes with similar tastes. Most importantly, does the arangetram student approve of the food? Does it adequately provide for guests who have special dietary needs (if that is a factor)?
    Invitations Finalize the format for the invitations. If they have to go to a professional printing service, it is time to get them to the printer. An RSVP date of two to three weeks before the program will give you a few days for readjustment of last minute yeas and nays.

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    Photo & Videography If you plan to hire a professional video person, contact him/her and make a reservation. The same holds for a professional still photographer.
    Sound & Lighting If you need to hire a professional light and sound person, contact him/her and make a reservation.
    Décor If you have any elaborate stage props that you wish to get built, it is time to start working on them.
    Photo & Videography Should have photos from photo shoot.
    Flight Tickets Should have confirmed the tickets and travel plan of chief guests
    Hotel Arrangements Should have confirmed the staying arrangements of the orchestra members.
    Volunteering Talk to close friends and families and assign them decoration and food area volunteering works.
    Invitations Design of the invitation should be started now with pictures, Orchestra ensemble and chief guests names.
    MC Think about an MC for the program
    Décor Talk to the decorating person/contractor.
    Costume & Jewelry You should have jewelry, ankle bells and all the make-up accessories.
    Guest Complete the guest list.
    Invitations Send the invitations with RSVP option.
    Invitations RSVP should be mandated 15 days before the program date.
    Catering / Food Sit with the food vendor and get the estimate.
    Designing & Printing Identify the vendor for designing and printing, YOu can Identify vendors from India and USA,
    We prefer identify from US because of easy communication and fast and risk free delivery
    8 weeks before Arangetram
    Brochure Design and Make the brochure Print ready  Ref:
    Guest Book If you are planning to print a guest book, Do designing and Printing Ref :
    6 weeks before Arangetram
    Food Decide on what you need in addition to the food: chafing dishes to keep the food warm, plates, silverware, napkins, glasses, cups, coffee percolator, tablecloths, bud vases…. Will you caterer provide all that you need, or will you have to provide them?
    Invite Address the invitations and send them out. It is a good idea to send them four to six weeks before the program.
    Catering Inform the caterer of the final menu.
    Stage / Décor Decide on your stage god arrangement. It is traditional to have statues of Ganesha and Nataraja, and tall oil lamps. In addition, you may want to have other statues or pictures of other gods who will be invoked during the program.
    If you do not have statues and lamps for stage decorations, figure out whom you can borrow them from. Be sure to visit and check them personally so that the sizes of the statues are not inconsistent with each other or with the nature of the program.
    Decide on your foyer decorations, if any. People have used a small statue of Nataraja, a favorite god, and/or photographs of the student.
    Decide on what you need for other stage decorations. Plants, potted flowers, fresh or silk, are easy to work with.
    Makeup Makeup can play nasty tricks with the dancer. Your student has probably performed before but perhaps not for a couple of hours continuously. Consider going to a professional makeover counter and getting stage makeup done one day, and having the student practice for two hours or so, in order to test the makeup. All makeup should be waterproof, but all waterproof makeup is not made alike. This is particularly true of eye-makeup.
    Stage Decide on the floor plan for microphones, lights and podium for the theater. It is a good idea to have a pickup mike close to the floor so that the sound of the bells can be fed through the PA system. You may need to fax or mail this floor plan to the theater.
    Stage Decide on the arrangement of the dining area. You may need to fax or mail this plan to the dining area manager.
    Stage Decide on the exact format of the program: for example, who will welcome and introduce the program, whether there will be a short speech / video / multimedia presentation during one of the costume change breaks, who gets thanked during the vote of thanks, whether any chief guests will be invited to speak, etc.
    Decide on your master(s) of ceremonies, and contact them.
    Contact all other people who will speak or be on stage for any reason.
    One month before the Arangetram
    Buy all the plates, silverware, napkins, glasses, cups etc…
    Work on the onstage decoration statues/idols etc..You can borrow them from friends.
    Setup a meeting with the theater/auditorium staff and talk about audio and lighting. Use professionals for these two. DO NOT use volunteer friends.
    Finalize the arrangement of the dining area.
     Collect/buy/order online all items for the decoration
    Talk to the MC and write the flow of the program and verify it with teacher.
    Print and frame the blow up pictures of the dancer if you are planning to do so Ref :
    Make sure the raiser for the artists to sit is available in the auditorium. If not, plan to rent one.
    Posters Posters are printing for loby decorations, identify photos and print on PVC material which is more durable and allows you to frame and keep it after the program , Some people prefer the form board Ref :
    Standee / Standup Banners Plan Design and Print Standup Banners for the program for decorating the lobby  Ref:
    3 weeks before Arangetram
    Brochure Print the designed brochure based on the number requirement
    Collect all items that you need for the gods on stage, foyer and stage decorations.
    Get a friend or two to help and do a mock up of each set up at home, so you can add or subtract stuff for your decorations.
    It is useful to pack stuff for each of the three areas (gods, foyer and stage) in separate see-through plastic tubs and mark them. Put in a checklist of everything needed for that part of the auditorium and tape it to the tub. This way your helpers will not wonder where the stuff goes, and won’t constantly question you! If something is forgotten, you will know right away.
    Figure out what is needed backstage, and pack all the stuff in “backstage tubs”. For example, if the green room area is not private, you may need to run a temporary curtain (a dark shower curtain and picture wire wound over nails works). If you need more light, you may need to take a tall lamp tree with you. fan, foot massager
    Dancers get hot and their makeup can run. It is useful to have a portable fan near the wings of the stage, and another one in the green room / makeup refreshing area.
    Your programs should be printed soon, if not already done. Pack them in a small plastic tub and put them in the front foyer box.
    If you are going to mail-order any food, you should go ahead and get the order set up to deliver a week before the program.
    If you plan to get presents for helpers or relatives locally, it is time to get them.
    Get all text of speeches written, or discuss them with those who will write them.
    Work with the master(s) of ceremonies: get their presentation down on paper.
    Inform all participants of the rehearsal timings.
    Decide who will direct the lighting and who will run the sound system.
    Check if you will have refrigerator space for food that you may want delivered or brought in. Set up times at which you can put this food in the dining area kitchen.
    Contact friends who will help you decorate the stage, foyer and dining hall areas, so they can come in the day before and on the morning of the arangetram.
    Wrap all presents.
    Polish brass and silver items, if any.
    Fix bells, costumes, hair ornaments, if needed.
    Call caterer with final headcount, as per their schedule.
    1 week before Arangetram
    Purchase any food and drinks that you need.
    Purchase or order floral arrangements, plants, and floral bouquets.
    Remind all who will come to rehearsals of the timings. This includes the light and sound people, video and still photographers, if any.
    Get food cooked, if you are cooking any.
    Iron costumes, any other clothes that need ironing.
    Rehearsal with live orchestra, if applicable.
    · Purchase water, drinks etc…
    · Order floral arrangements, plants, and floral bouquets.
    · Remind light and sound people, video and still photographers about rehearsals
    · Make sure your Iron costumes, check jewelry, ankle bells etc….
    · Do a rehearsal with live orchestra, 2 days before the program
    Have 2 girls ready for carrying felicitation gifts to stage
    2 days before Arangetram
    Stage rehearsal — Have the MC and other speakers present at the stage rehearsal.
    Try on makeup and an old costume. Fix any makeup problems.
    The day before
    Get in as much of the stage / foyer decorations and backstage material in place or at least delivered to the theater. The more that can be put in ahead the less it leaves for you to do on the day of the arangetram.
    Get as much of the decoration done as you can. The exception will be decorations with cut flowers.
    If you are renting lights from a different place, you should have them available in time for this rehearsal.
    Conduct rehearsal with makeup to check if all problems have been solved.
    Have MC, and people who will speak on stage (as many of them as possible, but probably not any invited chief guests) present.
    All lights should be in place. The light director should write down details of all fades, spotlight moves, color changes, etc. and the operators should do a run through.
    Get any food into the refrigerator of the eating area.
    · Transport the plates, spoons, napkins etc… and keep them in the dining hall area.
    · Transport lamps, flowers, pictures and other decoration items and keep them in place.
    · Have the tables for reception, greeting card box, sweet boxes etc…ready
    · Finish stage decoration as much as possible
    · Transport the raiser for the artists to sit and place it on the stage and decorate it.
    · Keep the chairs for the chief guests near the curtains
    · Keep two tables ready behind the curtains. One for dancer’s towel, water, juice, touch-up items etc.. and the other for keeping the gifts for the chief guests and artists.
    · Make sure the podium is decorated.
    · Keep the Nataraja statue and Vinayaga statue on stage.
    · Call the food vendor and remind him about the event timings etc.
    · Transport water bottles and drink bottles and keep them in the dining area.
    The day of arangetram…Finally, the big day has arrived!! In the morning
    Have your stage, foyer and dining hall decorators work with fresh floral arrangements, if any.
    Sweep the stage after everyone is done with getting on and off it. The performer probably does not want dirty black feet to show when s/he jumps!
    · Call volunteer heads and ask them to arrive at the venue 3 Hrs before the program
    About four to five hours before you leave.. Start with getting hair and head jewelry done (this was a major stumbling block for us!)…
    Start makeup…
    Start clothes and jewelry…
    Be sure to allow the student time for a decent meal about two to three hours before the program. S/he should not be hungry, but s/he should not be stuffed either.
    · Give the audio engineers and musicians enough time to tune the system and equipment.
    Post Arangetram Get the photo and Video ready
    Thank you Cards , You can send thank you cards to the dear and near who helped your program to be great sucess
    Arangetram Albums: Sometime photographers have albums also in their package , if there is no album on their package work wih vendor who can design and print nice album for you
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