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Brochure Template Arangetram

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3 fold brochures are 6 page brochure and widely using as program brochure for Arangetram of Bharatanatyam, Kuchipuudi,

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Custom Arangetram Brochures templates are used to explain the dance poses and profiles for dancer and Guru, Based on the content the brochure sizes are vary, The most selling size in United States for the Arangetram Program is 3 FOLD 12*18 (6 Pages) on 110 LBS GLOSS CARD STOCK, This brochures can be customized for any events like, Bharatanatyam, Kuchupudi, Vocal, Flute and Mridangam arangetram or any other art related invitations or brochures.

How long it take for Arangetram Brochure Printing ? 

3-5 Days for designing, 2 Days for Printing and 2-4 days for shipping , You will get your product in 10 days , We can even process fast based on urgency

Where is your Arangetram print shop located?

We are a located in Washington DC Metro Area, You are welcome to our Virginia, USA and  Maryland, USA Locations for instore pickup,

What are the options for Arangetram Brochure Printing, Can we have any number of pages ?

Booklet Brochure : If you need more than 6 pages in  brochure,  It can be created as 8*11 Booklet Brochure, The pages can be 8 pages booklet brochure,  and 12 pages booklet brochure, 16 pages booklet brochure , 24 pages booklet brochure. You also can add multiple of 4 pages in the booklet brochure. Please reach us any custom orders.

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design & printing service

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100, 150, 200, 300


12/18 or 9/18, 6*18

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