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Podium and Lectern Banners are 24″X48″ custom banners printed in variety of materials. This is the main branding product for any event. Logos, Symbolic Designs, Matching, Custom  graphics can be printed.

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Podium Banners, also known as lecterns, offer great branding opportunities at events, For Arangetram custom podium banners can be used for create your own graphics or dance school logo, dancer picture, Nataraja,Ghungroo / chilanka

Printing Materials 

  1. 13 Oz Vinyl:  SuperPrint Plus FL is a 13 oz. front-lit billboard and banner material on gloss finish and in the Flame Resistant Standard Code NFPA701, B1
  2. 15 Oz Vinyl : Pole Banner 15oz is a heavy duty blockout banner material for indoor or outdoor applications. Its
    uniquely woven 1000 x 1000 scrim provides strength and stability under harsh weather conditions. and in the Flame Resistant Standard Code NFPA701, B1
  3. No Curl : Polyester : 8ml SYNAPS OM is a High grade opaque synthetic polyester film is Rigid and lays flat also Waterproof, weather-resistant, and tear proof paper – suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Stay straight after rolling also
  4. Canvas : Canvas is a stretchable polyester material

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13 Oz Vinyl, 14 Oz Vinyl, Canvas, No Curl (8mil Synthetic Polyester )


24X48 Inches


Dancer Photo -G, Dancer Photo P, Ghungroo Brown, Ghungroo Gold, Ghungroo Gray, Nataraja Black, Nataraja Brown

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