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Refund Policy

CANCELLATION OF JOB: Orders cancelled by the client after receipt and acceptance of order will be subject to compensation of incurred costs and related obligations, and any other cancellation charges computed by Indian Event Hub, but not to exceed the original value of the order. Once an order has been placed, a 15% administrative fee will be assessed on all jobs canceled with Indian Event Hub. Any order cannot be cancelled after the final proofs approval or during the printing process. For the cancelled orders clients also have an option of a full in house credit (not including any design fees) to be used toward future jobs. Refunds and credits back to cards are done in batches and could take up to 14 business days in house. Credits back to your credit card could take as long as 3 billing cycles to appear on your statement depending on the issuing bank.

PRICING & QUOTATIONS: In most cases estimates are valid for 30 days, unless otherwise specified. Estimates are based on using standard specifications, inks and materials. Prices are subject to change without notice. When the client provides their own digital files to Indian Event Hub for printing, prices are based on clients supplying PRINT READY digital files. Failure to setup files according to these guidelines may result in additional charges. Art changes made by Indian Event Hub per client’s request, will be subject to extra charges.

DESIGN SERVICES:Any estimate provided for Design Services is only an estimate based upon specifications understood at time of estimate. Actual design time will be billed by the hour and may be more or less than the estimate provided. Client’s Alternations to be billed additional at the hourly rate as well as changes made after final approval of artwork, prior to printing. If any order is placed with free graphics designing, limited revisions can be acceptable. Indian Event Hub will not provide any designing service after business hours, weekends and holidays.

ACCURACY OF SPECIFICATIONS: Estimates are based on the specifications understood at time of estimate. Indian Event Hub reserves the right to invoice the job based on the actual specifications of the order placed.

TERMS OF SALE: Orders require a deposit upon placing an order with balance due upon approval of the final artwork or prior to delivery, unless otherwise agreed upon by Indian Event Hub and client. In the event of non-payments that lead to dispute and/or litigation, the Client agrees to pay all legal and collection fees incurred by Indian Event Hub

OVER OR UNDER-RUNS: While every attempt will be made to ship as close to exact quantities ordered, the nature of custom manufacturing is such that we must reserve the right to ship a variance of 5% over or under the quantities ordered, unless otherwise specified. Indian Event Hub will bill for actual quantity delivered within this tolerance.

ERRORS AND OMISSIONS: Indian Event Hub is not responsible for errors and omissions approved by the Client. The client is solely responsible for errors missed during the proofing process of either artwork supplied by the client or artwork created by Indian Event Hub. Indian Event Hub does not and is not responsible for proof reading.

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