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Arangetram Invitation

What is Arangetram invitation?
Arangetram Invitations are invitations used for inviting guests for arangetram, these invitation card designs also used for Rangapravesam, Manch Pravesh of Indian Classical Dances like  Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi etc..  graduations in USA


Arangetram Invitations

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions?)
What are the Different types/models of Invitations created for Arangetram in USA
We create different types or models of invitations to our customers doing arangetram in USA are
1. Electronic Invitations 
Electronic invitations are digital invitations, used to create and share custom  invitation electronically in different platforms like  , , punchbowl ,  or WhatsApp and emails
- We provide jpeg files for you to use in any platforms
- We also can print limited copies for you for inviting your special guests or can keep it in your memories

2. Single Side Printed Invitation 
Single Side printed invitations are also can used as electronic invitation, We design and Print the invitations based on your need and also provide electronic copy for using electronically
Buy a Canva design template? click here 
3. Double Side Invitations 
Double side invitations are most used printed invitation model with size of 5.5/8.5 where there is a front page and back page of the card, Front page is a home page with dancer picture and back page is the real invitation
4. Folded Invitation - 4 Sided 
Folded invitations are also a commonly used arangetram invitation model in which there will be 4 sides in the invitation (Example, a printing paper folded in  center will get 4 sides ).
5. Folded Invitations - Gate Fold 6 Sides 
6 Sided gate fold invitations are mainly used for duo arangetram, which will be open like gate and will have 4 sides
6. 3 Fold Squire Invitations 
3 Fold squire invitations are used for arangetram when multiple performers performing in an arangetram  which will have 6 sides to create profiles of each dancers and teacher along with the invitation
7. Video Invitations/ Motion Graphics Invitations  
We do video invitation and host in youtube or share the video to be added online or share on whatsapp 

Sample Link :
Can these invitation designs are customizable?
We provide customization services based on your need or we create custom designs based on your requirements for your Bharatanatyam, Kuchupudi, Vocal, Flute and Mridangam arangetram or any other art related invitations or brochures
Why Indian Event Hub for Arangetram Printing ?
We are top rated arangetram specialists in USA do designing and printing Invitations, Electronic Invitations, Evite. We also do Vocal, Instrumental Arangetram like mridangam, violin etc..
Custom Arangetram Invitation Cards, Our top rated invitation cards are custom designed for each customer based on the color of dress and dance poses.
See different Arangetram Invitation Template Samples 

email us for more informations or if you have any questions


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