Theatre Productions Marketing Materials in USA

Theatre Productions Marketing Materials

Theatre Productions Marketing Materials

Combining a selection of offline and online promotional methods will help to increase awareness of your amateur theatre production and ensure you sell more tickets. and acquire more sponsors
We help producers and marketing team by joining as their team member from the planning stage of the productions
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What we do
  • Brand Creation : We create brand for your production, which is a logo with the name of the production / or play along with date, tagline as the first promotional material for the event. which will be shared and across the online and offline platforms
  • Social Landscaping : once the brand is created and approved , we help you create the social platform for marketing the brand across the social media and online
  • Printed Materials : are your bread and butter. If your budget allows for it, you can design a range of printed materials to be distributed for offline promotion. The most using printed materials for the promotions are Posters, Business Cards, Rack Cards, Tickets, Banners, Standup Banners, Program Brochure

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