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Upanayanam (Sacred Thread Ceremony ) is the Samaskara or the ceremonial rite in which the young Brahmin boy is invested with the sacred thread and initiated into the Gayathri – the Holiest of all mantras in the legacy of the Rishis. This Indian Ceremony Program brochure and invitation with custom photo infographics & floral pastel explains all the rituals & custom happening at your Upanayanam! This Upanayanam guide is perfect for you.

Upnayanam Invitations :
The cermony is invited for multiple guests through custom – designed electronic invitations and printed invitations. We can help you to create custom upanayana electronic invitation or printed invitations in the USA.

Upnayanam Program Handouts/ Program Brochure : A handout given to the attendees to explain each program. Based on the content size this program brochure can be customized for your occasion. 2 sided, A4 size and folded are the most used sizes for the event. Contact Indian Event Hub to get your customized invitation and brochure.

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We can create custom designed back drops, flex banners for your event to make it more authentic
We have multiple easel posters in different materials based on your need , Card Stock Posters, Form Boards, PVC materials posters are available in different sizes

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