Music arangetram or concert stage decoration ideas

Arangetram Stages VOCAL / MUSIC


Rent / Buy / Hire US to do your Authentic Stages, We also do custom set designs & prints based on your need
Arangetram event is a milestone for the performer and we are excited to be part of it with the decorations which give more authentic look and feel. Our easy do it yourself (DIY) hanging pillars are awesome product will give more authentic look. We print this materials on a15 OZ HD Vinyl material or Form Core, Coro
  • Authentic Pillars - Vinyl , Nataraja idol Backdrops , Ganesha Idol Backdrops, Devi Idol Backdrops, Custom Backdrops
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How to Setup Stages for your Arangetram or an authentic events
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music recital

Vocal Arangetram stage design Ideas

We do vocal Arangetram stage designs with our authentic pillars or based on your need, This is an authentic Indian temple pillar banner from Indian Event Hub printed on different material based on your selection of the items. Indian Event hub decoration team will setup the stages in DMV & Baltimore areas (DC, VA, MD)  and based on the availability we cover  PA, NJ. We also have our team in Texas to setup the stages in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio
Hanging Pillar Banners 
Hanging pillar banners and printed pillar banners, also available to Rent for the events , Multiple pillar models available for do the designs.
Board Cutouts 
We also do cutouts in Form Board as well as Coro (Yard Sign Material)
How to use this in stage ?
1. Hanging from top of the auditorium if vinyl banner , This video will give some idea about hanging
2. Using Wood Frames You can create wood frames like  the 2nd picture in the gallery and stand in the auditorium
3. The form cutouts are coming into different parts, You can stick it using the Form Glue with a plain form in back
Size, Price & Rental : Work with your auditorium and get the dimensions and talk to us so we can finalize the dimensions and provide an estimate

Rigid PVC Laser Cut Bells and Lamps

Easy Arangetram stage with light weight Indian model bells and Lamps for easy do it yourself authentic stage decorations

Material : 3mm Thick Rigid PVC , The cutout size of Lamp is : Width : 14.9 Inch , Hight 23 Inch & the size of Bell is  23 Inch Hight , 19 Inch Width

Item : Single Side Printed Bell & Lamps on PVC SALE
6 Lamps with 1 Bell Combo Arangetram Stage Buy Now? $200
Single Piece Bell/Lamp $32

Printed Form Cutouts

This is an authentic Indian temple structures printed on 4mm Thick Rigid Form board and  shipped to anywhere in USA in 5-10  Business days based on the size of the item
How to use this in stage ?
These structures are rigid and can stand with support stands/some supporting material  created using wooden frame or PVC . This items are also light weight so you can hand it if needed
Size & Price
We can create this with multiple cut pieces, or a single piece with max size of 40 Inch Width and 80 Inch Hight . The price is fully based on the size, also Shipping prices vary based on the size of the items,  We recommend you to talk to us before order this items so we can explain
Arangetram Stage FBN01
Stage Cutout Decor 02
Standing Banner

Lobby Decoration Products

We can create multiple type of custom lobby decoration items based on your need, The artificial sets and photo booths can create base on your need, Commonly used items Standing banners, Easel Posters, Temple Structures, Custom Banners, Cutouts etc..
How to use this in stage ?
These structures are rigid and can stand with support stands/some supporting material  created using wooden frame or PVC . This items are also light weight so you can hand it if needed, stand up banners are comes with stands
Size & Price
The price and sizes of the items are based on the products and custom,  We recommend you to talk to us before order this items so we can explain.

Other Stage Decoration Products

We also have other stage decoration products which makes your event more authentic, unique and branded, Some of them are Podium Front Banner with dancer photo, Raising Stage Skirts
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vocal arangetram stage
stage skirts

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